the fioredoro history

children’s imagination is a super power that makes everything possible and toys are the closest things to this magic! ..we believe that all starts playing!

fioredoro is a developing toy manufacture company based in italy.
the english translation of the name means “golden flower” it was an ancient foundling’s surname and today it is unique all over the world..
for the founder it represents all she wants to convey in one word, family bond and strong sense of tradition, natural value of materials, precious beauty kept in the simplest things.
our ambition is to make inspiring toys with an open end that allows children to fully engage with their imaginative imitation of daily life, build real life skills and inspire them as well.

i’m angela as a toy developer and founder, everyday i co-work with different craftsmen to make this dream come true. together we make toys and playboards for work environments to be near the children’s needs and feelings and take care of them even in outdoor situations of everyday life.
we want to reinvent the traditional toy design with a modern touch according to montessori, waldorf and reggio educational approaches and create well made, practical, attractive and educational play things. our toys, educate kids’ aesthetical taste, are lovingly handmade for children and designed to last for a long time.