tinsel! lights! yelling! kids’ christmas stall party in the snow

december 08, 2018

“smell of sugar. holiday memories. after a fabulous snowfall with snow on the roadside, crunching under our feet. shopkeepers were ready behind the stall, with hats, scarves and gloves. the garland of small, small soft lights illuminated happy children and their goodies.”

the photoshoot for the new fioredoro catalogue takes place in early december 2018. everyone, the photographer, the parents and the young stars – is really excited.  the studio lights and the camera add to the anticipation and nervousness. encouragement and gummy bears ought to calm the stars down. the right moment, the right setting, and the right lighting – everything has to be perfect.

the children are now concentrating, yet the parents and photographer are even more nervous – “please look at the camera! don’t smirk! pull that sweater down! stay in the picture! play nicely with those great toys…” eventually, we have made it with almost two hundred photos. the photographer announces that the shoot is over.

it comes as a surprise to the children when they run out of the photographer’s workshop and look amazed at the sight of a snowed garden with some street traditional christmas stalls. they are draped with lights and many heart shaped cookies, with sweet messages to share and marshmallows, as a prize for them. the children have fun with our bazar, made of solid hardwood and which is easy customizable. it allows children and adult’s creativity to flow and what’s more, the natural lacquer finish is ideal for outdoor games. the parents try to pick up their children, but… they are completely into their game. so children do not seem to notice the photographer taking new pictures of them while being appealed by our toys: the joy, the spontaneity, and the carefreeness that children experience when playing with fioredoro toys has something incredible!



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